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Structure Your Content with Heading Tags

Headings or H tags play a great role in organizing content on a webpage and for giving a clear content structure. They have an impact on both the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and usability of the web pages because the search engines use these headings to index the content structure of web pages.  Heading tags

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Avoid Duplicate Content with Domain Resolve

What is Domain Resolve? Domain Resolve refers to mapping together your website content with your preferred domain name to avoid being penalised for duplicate content. In most cases, people think that once they register a domain name, then it all ends there. Without realising that once the website goes live, then there are high chances

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Local SEO For Your Business

Local search engine optimisation is part of SEO that focuses on local search results. All efforts made are for business to rank better on local search results. This method of search engine marketing is crucial if you want your business to remain relevant and if you want to attract users who can actually convert to

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Modernising Link Building With Infographics

Just like building relationships in real life, first, you have to get your targeted person’s interest by displaying your assets. One good way of showing your website is full of updated and relevant information is through the use of infographics. Nowadays, visual content is getting more and more interest as this makes reading more interesting

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A Closer Look into the Google Algorithm Updates

Google often releases changes on how it ranks websites, these changes are known as Google algorithm updates. Some algorithm updates are specific in their intent like the Panda focuses on content, the penguin updates focus on links, the pigeon focuses on local search results, the hummingbird focuses on understanding search queries in order to provide

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Understanding XML Sitemaps

Creating and adding XML Sitemap to a website is SEO best practice. An XML sitemap file contains all the URLs on a website and is primarily for search engines. When crawled, this file provides search engines with a picture of the layout of the website (priority) and how often changes are made to pages. A

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How to use SEO to amplify your brand

Cape Town is an emerging tech hub. Even when you have a website and good content, you might experience difficulty when it comes to moving up the organic search engine results pages. Time to bring in the  SEO specialist. SEO in Cape Town is big and there are numerous Cape Town based digital marketing agencies along

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